What sustainability means to us

At Cho, we are dedicated to making long lasting products, driven by social, ethical and environmental responsible standards.


Our commitment 

We commit to be transparent, design in a considered way, produce locally and to use sustainable materials.

Our goal is to establish a close relationship with you as a wearer and with all our partners that are involved in the creative and production process and to leave a light environmental footprint on the planet.

Until 2030, we aim to produce 100% according to the circular economy standards and using only recycled materials.

Our values


—Considered design

—Local production

—Sustainable materials


Transparency implies for us to share with full honesty within the Cho community what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

As we monitor our short production and supply chain closely, we involve you in our creative and production process.

Considered design

All our creations, from the jewelry to the packaging, are designed in our studio in Paris.

Through our timeless design approach, we create simple objects that endure.

Our ambition for longevity of each object and its usability is at the origin of our decision to design everything we produce in house.

Therefore, the packaging we designed, serves as a storage for your jewelry.

Local production

As we value quality and local production, we collaborate with our ateliers in France.

Manufacturing in the french workshop was an obvious choice for us. This approach brings Made in France jewels to life through craftsmanship on a human scale, framed by responsible social and environmental standards and long lasting relationships with our suppliers, based on trust and communication.

Favouring Made in France allows us to support and develop the local economy and reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainable materials

The materials we use to create our jewelry are sustainably sourced in Europe and partly recycled materials.

CHO jewelry is made of silver with a rhodium finish. These timeless, authentic and sustainable materials ensure the longevity of the pieces.

Silver is a shiny-white and the brightest, most reflective of all precious metals.
As pure silver is relatively soft, we use sterling silver to ensure the durability of each piece. sterling silver is an alloy of silver, containing 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of metals of a higher stability and rigidity, such as copper. The colour of silver is preserved.
Each CHO piece is marked with the 925 sign. This hallmark indicates the purity of sterling silver.

When silver is exposed to light and air, it naturally tarnishes over time. To prevent this oxidation process all cho pieces are coated with rhodium.

Rhodium is a silvery-white and reflective precious metal. Very rare in nature and highly expensive, it makes your piece more valuable. It enhances the durability of your piece, as it makes an excellent protective coat.

We plate all pieces with rhodium to increase their light reflection and create a high shine appearance.

Silver and the rare precious metal Rhodium have the properties of being recycled infinitely.

All materials we use are certified.

Responsible Jewelry Council

  Responsible Jewellery Council



Marques de France


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