Reflect the light

lightweight and reflective jewelry

sustainably made in france

extra large circle earring in the ocean
extra large and lightweight circle earring
CHO logo on the ocean
body pose contorsion and jewelry
hands with large line ring and thin line ring in silver
pose on the beach and large line ring in silver unisex
large and thin line ring in lights and shadows with reflections at villa savoye
large line ring with shadows on white table
thin line ring
line rings and short plaque earring
long line bar earring in silver mirror polished and sustainably made in France
long line bar earrings ultra lightweight and made in France in silver
circle rings in silver rhodium mirror polished in France
earrings in the light with shadows
body movement contorsion at etretat
large circle ring unisex in silver made in france
body contorsion yoga pose in front of the ocean with plaque long and lightweight earring
extra lightweight and long plaque earring in silver made in france
body movement at the beach of etretat in france
circle earrings highpolished mirror polished in silver rhodium made in france and reflect the light

image + post-production anastasia rokhlenko, tanja cho model gabrièle raygade, shade affogbolo, lucile hossepied, estelle teurquetil

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reflect the light