Cho was established in 2019 by Tanja Heiss in Paris.

We offer accessories, jewelry and objects, designed with meticulous attention to simplicity.
A perpetual fascination for light is at the center of the creative approach and revealed in every aspect.

Cho creates considered products of classical shapes, punctilious dimensions and distinct proportions, designed to unite function, comfort and aesthetic.

Our sincere interest in sustainability and long-lasting quality manifests along the process.

Innovative conception, using the minimum of exceptional materials, and local responsable manufacturing in France form the timeless and human-centered perspective of the label.

Our objective is to consciously inspire all facets of life with order, clarity and ease through pure and pleasant products.

Tanja Heiss

Tanja grew up in Germany and relocated to Paris in 2015.
She has a background in international business, production management and circular economy in the elevator, automotive and photography industry. 

Her ever-present keen appeal for light, design and art combined with high interest and sensitivity for both people and nature led her way to investigate and create jewelry and objects on her own initiative.

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